Magnesium has the advantage of greater strength and rigidity along with inherent EMI/RFI shielding, durability, heat-dissipation, and full recyclability. Almost as light-weight as plastic。So it is often used in high-grade  laptop shell,communication device, automotive parts(e.g., steering wheel, steering column, and airbag housing),Aerospace equipment ,etc

Types of magnesium alloys we can do: pure magnesium, AZ91D、AZ31BMB8MB15LZ91(Magnesium lithium alloy), M1A , etc.


The uniformity of electroless nickel plating is excellent

The layer thickness could be made according to customer needs

Corrosion resistance is pretty good,it can pass  more than 96 hours salt spray test Military standards approved (MIL-DTL-5541)

The rate of yield could get more than 95%

Electroless nickel specialist on Mg alloy Electroless nickel specialist on Mg alloy