Electroless nickel plating on Magnesium alloy

----surface treatment on Magnesium alloy

Advantages of electroless nickel plating on Magnesium alloy:

High strength, good surface gloss, weldable, good conductive and thermal conductivity, uniform coating, good corrosion resistance and superior resistance to electromagnetic interference

Mg alloy products with electroless nickel plating have high performance and high added value, it is especially suitable for aerospace, military and communication equipment

The disadvantages of traditional electroless nickel plating on Magnesium alloy:

Low yield,poor adhesion,poor corrosion resistance,high cost

Sky surface treatment company has successfully developed a new electroless nickel plating technology, It could achieve high yield, high quality and high performance for magnesium alloy mass production

Feature :

We are able to plate nickel on AZ series (AZ31 AZ61 AZ91D...), AM series (AM60B\AM30A), AS series, AE series ,pure magnesium, Magnesium lithium alloy

Kinds of substrate parts: CNC, Die-casting, Extruded…

Corrosion resistance test: it can pass  more than 96 hours salt spray

The layer thickness could be made according to customer needs

The rate of yield could get more than 95%

It could reach (MIL-DTL-5541) standards