Due to the poor of chemical activity and protection of magnesium alloys , as structural materials, It is need to do surface protection process

the surface treatment of magnesium alloy include electroplating nickel, electroless  nickel plating, micro-arc oxidation, anodic oxidation etc.

Micro - arc oxidation and anodic oxidation coating corrosion resistance is  good, but they are  non-conducting,

Electroplating nickel  coating  has good appearance performance and corrosion resistance, because of the applied current, electroplating speed is relatively fast, However, for some parts with complex shapes, it is not possible to conduct full surface plating very well.

electroless  nickel plating is a  widely used  surface treatment method  in recent years. electroless nickel has the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, compact coating, good corrosion resistance and uniform coating thickness.